CCIME for Mac Input Method Installation Guide

Download and Install CCIME-Mac.pkg

Use Mac to browse the homepage and click the CCIME Free software for Mac download link below.

If you haven't logged in yet, the following login screen will pop up. Please log in first (note: if you haven't registered, please register first).

Then continue to download:

Open Finder, click Downloads, and click the downloaded CCIME-Mac.pkg input method installer as shown:

The following prompt will appear:

Open System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, as shown:

In General, it shows "CCIME-Mac.pkg was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer." Click the "Open Anyway" button next to it, as shown:

Continue clicking the "Open" button, as shown:

Start installing the CATS input method. Click Continue as shown:

Continue clicking the "Install" button, as shown:

Enter your Mac login password as required. As shown:

CATS input method installation is complete! As shown:

CCIME Input Method Settings

To use CATS input method, you also need to perform the following input method settings on Mac:

Re-enter System Preferences, click Keyboard, as shown:

Click into Input Sources, as shown:

In the left column, select Chinese, Traditional, then in the right column, select CCIME Pro, and then click the Add button as shown:

Now, you can choose to use CATS input method.